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To measure the growth of the cryptocurrency market, the price direction of the most important cryptocurrencies is often analyzed. The evolution of understanding, but especially the adoption and use of a crypto-active is also an important factor, since they generally support its price.

Since Bitcoin (BTC) is the oldest and most important virtual currency on the market, it is not uncommon for industry personalities to often share new insights into how the Bitcoin price is going with the community.

Nadezda Murmakova /

CEO of Binance Platform, Changpeng Zhao, Bitcoin price may soon accelerate to $ 16,000

Although it is easy to make predictions, it is always more difficult to determine the right timing recognizes Changpeng Zhao. We can therefore wonder what he means by "soon" … Hard to say.

In any case, CZ considers that China's decisions regarding the cryptocurrency industry have a significant impact on the price of Bitcoin. For him, the sharp increases in Bitcoin have often been linked to events in China.

For the famous John McAfee, the increasing scarcity of chips of the first cryptocurrency by market capitalization should propel its price well beyond

"Let's be realistic, there are only 21 million Bitcoins," said John McAfee on September 23. "Seven million of them have been lost forever. And, if Satoshi Nakamoto (the creator of Bitcoin) is dead, we must add a few million other chips.

Thus, he estimates that the price of Bitcoin could reach 1 million by the end of next year. Let's not forget that the number of BTC chips has been set at 21 million since launch of the BTC and more than 85% of the chips are already in circulation.

Roman Bodnarchuk /

For American investor Max Keizer, the price of Bitcoin could reach $ 100,000

For Max Keizer, Bitcoin is the solution that would manage money independently without suffering the decisions of central banks and governments. After all, people finally have access to "unconscious" money via Bitcoin.

This could therefore end the fiat currency reign. If this would cause a collapse of the current system, and reference currencies in world trade like the US dollar, then the oldest crypto-currency could reach $ 100,000.

For Bloomberg, the price of Bitcoin is expected to fall as long as the $ 10,000 level serves as a zone of resistance

Currently around $ 9,345, Bitcoin seems to stagnate after the sharp rise of 25, 26 and 27 October. For analysts of the economic and financial Bloomberg, the price of Bitcoin is currently over-bought which could cause a reversal.

"The Global Strength Indicator for Cryptocurrency is a measure of the upward and downward movements of successive closing prices. This index is currently close to level 70, which means that the price of Bitcoin is likely to drop quickly after overheating, "explains Bloomberg.

What do you think ? Will the price of Bitcoin go down before rising? Or will the BTC soon speed up while waiting for the halving?

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