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Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) is a Token Creation Protocol for Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which promotes the creation of asset tokens in a simple and efficient way. The single Ledger protocol provides electronic wallets, block explorers, social media bots, token taps and back-end infrastructure, as well as protocols for token creation and consulting for resources and development. chips.

SLP (Simple Ledger Protocol) and simplification of chip generation

As tokenization is slowly but steadily gaining popularity thanks to transparency and increased functionality in terms of storage and value distribution, the Simple Accounting Protocol provides a simplified and efficient way to tokenize assets with greater integrity, through opposition to traditional forms of trading and asset accounting. Any value can be symbolized and SLP offers the appropriate tools for digitizing gaming assets, gift cards, digital media rights, stock and shares of the company, creating a highly functional digital marketplace. SLP tokens are created on the simple Ledger protocol, built on the Bitcoin Cash chain, allowing fast and efficient management, creation and exchange of tokens. The SLP tokens on the Bitcoin Cash chain are equivalent to the ERC20 chips on the Ethereum network.

SLP delivers efficiency, integrity and transparency through support for lightweight portfolios, full audibility for chain transactions, simplified token systems with easy-to-use tools, token loss prevention, flexible delivery, to multi-signature addresses and peer exchange symbolized value in an environment without permission. joins the SLP Alliance Exchange is proud to be part of the development of symbolic assets and a decentralized digital market by becoming one of the first exchanges of cryptocurrency and tokens to adopt the SLP protocol. Through this implementation, joins the broader digital asset market with the implementation of SLP, with the aim of tokenizing a wide range of products. works in partnership with to bring SLP tokenization to mainstream markets and mass adoption.

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