TNABC Blockchain Conference Returns to Miami

On January 16 and 17, the North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC) and Miami Blockchain Week return to a state of sunshine as the year 2020 begins. TNABC, celebrating for the seventh consecutive year, will feature leading speakers, cryptography system developers and blockchain leaders at the event held in the financial district located on the beautiful Miami Coast. .

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TNABC returns to the sun state

The oldest conference and one of the largest crypto-blockchain conferences in the world returns to Miami in 2020. The North American Bitcoin Conference is a huge success since its debut in 2013 and has attracted crowds of more than 20,000 people who attended the two-day event. . The conference will return for its seventh year in Miami on Jan. 16 and 17 to begin the new year in 2020. The conference organizer and founder of Keynote, Moe Levin, told that the conference was held in Miami. Miami's event will host one of more than 60 world-class presenters deeply immersed in the economy of Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. Levin pointed out that the speakers will be experienced technology experts who will produce transformative blockchain software and work daily with these innovative concepts and ideas.

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Among the first 2020 speakers announced for TNABC 2020 are Nick Spanos, Crypto-analysis pioneer, Veronica McGregor of, Blockchain Lead Tax Tax at Deloitte Alexia Hefti, Charlie Shrem, pioneer of Bitcoin, the founder of Bloq, Matthew Roszak, and Marco Santori, President of TNABC has established partnerships with well-known industry companies sponsoring the conference in Miami, such as, Tradestation and The Bitcoin Center.

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A crucial moment for crypto and blockchain

The two-day conference will also feature Q & A sessions, networking, investment themes, discussions on crypto-regulation, taxation and how the blockchain is revolutionizing not only the financial sector, but also a large number of public and private sectors in the world. In the last seven years since the first TNABC, the ecosystem has seen the crypto and blockchain infrastructure become a robust industry. TNABC is intended to keep each participant up to date with the latest technologies developed today.

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In addition, the founder of Keynote said the TNABC event will feature a variety of satellite events such as after parties, networking events and hackathons.

"This conference comes at a crucial time because innovation forces us all to make informed investment decisions," Levin said at the TNABC announcement. "With an influx of new opportunities and new blockchain applications, Keynote wants to give its attendees an opportunity to meet the people and products in which they will invest and better understand the rapidly expanding ecosystem." blockchain, "added Levin. :

We are also delighted that our participants meet and interact with our sponsors and exhibitors, who are the largest blockchain companies active to date.

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The conference is intended to be another major event bringing together the biggest names in traditional finance, banks and multinationals with developers, leaders and blockchain influencers. Tickets for the seventh annual TNABC at the James L. Knight Center in Miami can be purchased today. The TNABC website highlights:

On the two days of our very well organized agenda, participants will attend independent sessions, roundtables and Q & A sessions led by leading experts and decision-makers, while having a chance to learn more about the issues. opportunity to become familiar with exciting new projects.

Will you be attending the North American Bitcoin Conference 2020 in Miami? Tell us what you think about this topic in the comments section below.

Image Credits: Shutterstock,, TNABC, Keynote Events and Moe Levin.

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