The stealthy miners of the BCH network draw attention to them

In about 17 days, the Bitcoin Cash network will be upgraded by adding two new features to the protocol. In the meantime, before the changes to come, a significant percentage of the BCH storage base is being processed by unknown miners. The crypto promoters have been very focused on the haschat pool and BCH pool distribution, as speculators believe that some stealthy miners played the Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm (DAA).

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Theories of unknown miners and DAA games

Every six months, the BCH chain is upgraded to continue scaling up the network. On November 15, the BCH network will see the addition of two new features aimed at strengthening the Bitcoin Cash Roadmap. The engineers revealed that the upgrade will finalize the BIP62 malleability vector by applying Minimaldata in a script and will also implement Schnorr support for OP_Checkmultisig. While node operators are upgrading their complete nodes and participants are preparing for future changes, the BCH hashrate has some flaws. On October 25, observers noticed that unknown minors had captured many blocks in two days. One block in particular had an interval of three hours and speculators began to assume that large BTC or BSV miners had used the Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm (DAA). According to one theory, large pools have switched from one network to another, periodically transferring a large percentage of the hash power. The assumption is that some harmful groups have tried to push the ideological BCH miners out of the equation.

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Bitcoin Cash hashrate distribution over the last seven days.

However, some people think that this three-hour interval was perfectly normal, because the change of difficulty of 14% at that time was quite considerable. A person wrote an article on his blog explaining why she thought that theories of the exchange center attack for the prevention of biological risks were widely promoted. "There is nothing in the current data that remotely resembles, even remotely, a 50% attack – the hashrate has grown by just 10%," wrote the author. "The 3-hour gap was probably caused by the departure of a minor (about 10% of the total of the hashrate) – In the following period, we had 149 blocks in 22 hours, which corresponds to 6 , 7 hours per hour. out of 6, says the blog post. The individual added:

It is quite normal, a change in the difficulty of this magnitude will inevitably cause excessive and insufficient oscillations of adjustments. By the time I write these lines, hashrate is increasing again by about 10%, which is easily explained by the fact that people light their miners in response to these events.

Stealth miners on the BCH network attract control "width =" 1462 "height =" 585 "srcset =" 1462w, https : / / 300w, png 768w, 1024w, minerhashrate- 696x278.png 696w, 1392w, 2019/10 / minerhashrate-1068x427.png 1068w, 1050w "values ​​=" (maximum width: 1462px) 100vw , 1462px
Bitcoin Cash, by pool, shows that there were between 2 and 3 EH / s dedicated to the BCH chain, with a slight increase from the first week of October.

The Halving effect

In fact, looking at the data site shows that there has not been as much variance in the last week, despite the significant change in difficulty that caused the long three-hour interval. The transfer rate of the BCH was between 2 and 3 exahash per second (EH / s) and that of BTC between 80 and 105 EH / s. The daily BCH per mining area has increased slightly since the first week of October. The exploitation of Bitcoin Cash blockchain between 1 and 4% is also more profitable at the time of writing.

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Bitcoin Cash has distributed its distribution in the last 24 hours.

Numismatic statistics also show that unknown miners captured 49% in seven days and 44% for today's hashate distribution. Some think stealthy miners could be 2 to 4 pools, because there are different base addresses used for blocks found by unknown minors. Others have speculated that the miners are supporters of BCH and are only storing coins before setting aside. "I think they could stack BCH before halving," said a Reddit r / btc forum user.

"I think it's a sign of halving that announces – we'll probably see more miners experimenting and playing with their BTC hash power, if not useless, pointing to BCH," he said. points out the editor "Bitmeister". "In summary, any change in BTC hash power at BCH will look like this initially, whether the motivation is good or bad."

Stealth miners on the BCH network attract control "width =" 3200 "height =" 800 "srcset =" 3200w, https : / / 300w, jpg 768w, 1024w, coinbasetxt- 696x174.jpg 696w, 1392w, 2019/10 / coinbasetxt-1068x267.jpg 1068w "sizes =" (maximum width: 3200px) 100vw, 3200px
Unknown miners use a different basic text, which suggests the many stealthy stocks exploited by BCH.

At the time of going to press, there was no quirks associated with the time intervals between the blocks found on the BCH chain. Although stealth miners consume a large amount of hashrate and price changes sometimes make BCH more profitable, the stories seem exaggerated. The influx of unknown minors has occurred since mid-2018 and these basins are visible on both networks. A little over 20% of the total weight of BTC is also treated by stealth miners. As the upgrade progresses, people can be comfortable and trolls are quick to cause fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) whenever the opportunity arises.

What do you think of recent discussions regarding the BCH mining deposits, unknown miners and DAA? Tell us what you think about this topic in the comments section below.

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