The pursuit of a billion dollars in Bitcoin continues while Craig Wright cancels the settlement

In early September, the very prominent case in the Kleiman v. Wright seemed about to end when both parties reached a non-binding settlement. Then on October 30, Wright explained without notice that he could not fund the settlement and that the deal was broken. Now the lawsuit will start again and the Kleiman estate will file Wright's former chief financial officer, James Wilson, on November 8th.

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Wright breaks settlement without commitment as multi-billion dollar lawsuit against Bitcoin continues

The Australian Craig Wright, the man who claims to be the inventor of Bitcoin, will soon attend new legal proceedings in the case of the infamous Kleiman v. Wright. Craig Wright is sued by Ira Kleiman, brother of the late David Kleiman, for allegedly interfering with David's assets in bitcoins and intellectual property after his death. Last September, explained how the two parties would apparently move towards a settlement, as the two legal teams reached a non-binding settlement. This happened after the judge ruled that the Kleimans should be awarded 50% of Wright's alleged assets to BTC and 50% of his blockchain intellectual property (IP). However, Kleiman's estate filed a new court document stating that "Craig could no longer fund the settlement and" violated "the non-binding settlement agreement." Thus, Roche Freedman LLP wrote in the filing that after many "time losses", the team "will start preparing for the trial".

Following the breach of the settlement, the law firm explained that it was in contact with James Wilson, chief financial officer of Craig's companies, in 2012-2013. Dave Kleiman was still alive at that time and Wright claimed that he had sold Dave's involvement in his activities in exchange for BTC. Rivero Mestre LLP, Wright's legal team, returned five hours after Kleiman's estate requested leave to file Wilson and informed the plaintiffs that they would not accept the evidence. November 8th. Wright's board said the team should consent to a video statement. at a later date.

Craig Wright.

"Because of the unexpected failure of the settlement negotiations and the immediate halting of the discovery, the parties do not have much time," notes Roche Freedman. "Sir, Wilson's presence in the US next week will prevent parties from going through the legal, logistical, and costly steps of filing a statement in Australia, and although Craig does not receive 14 days' notice, he has received seven days. "The Kleiman succession estate file adds:

Importantly, the fact that Craig is not notified 14 days in advance of this statement is a product of his own conduct. He asked the parties to stay the trial and focus on settling the dispute amicably, and then withdraw his consent without notice, without just cause and at a time when he simply was not possible to grant him the 14-day period. note.

James Wilson and Cryptoloc Technology

According to the Twitter account "In search of SatoshiJames Wilson is a former partner of the Wright firm and co-holder of the patent. "Thus, the Florida court would like to talk with Jamie Wilson, once chief financial officer of one of Craig's dubious companies and co-patent holder for Cryptoloc. But what does Jamie's court want? Satoshi asked on Twitter. "Does he think Jamie can enlighten us on Craig's financial dealings with Dave? Or do they suspect that Dave was involved in Jamie's "Cryptoloc" and maybe owed money for IP participation? The researcher continued:

I doubt the court will find out much about it when talking to Jamie, and I do not think we'll find an IP address, a bitcoin or Dave's money. At some point, the court will realize that there is no trust in tulips or bitcoin and that Craig has led everyone to hunt in the goose.

Wilson is also mentioned in a blog post titled "Today's Revolted Days – Part 1", written by Wright in June. Wright had stated at the time that he had had video-link meetings with "Jamie Wilson, Robert Urquhart and Dave Kleiman" with lawyers present in 2012. Roche Freedman's motion asks the court to allow Wilson to testify on November 8 in the presence of the defense team via video link. According to court documents, a trial is scheduled to open on March 30, 2020, according to the procedures.

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