A food source platform using Mastercard's blockchain technology is used in the real world by an American giant of food co-ops.

Announced, Sunday, Envisible – a company offering visibility into food supply chains – said it is working with Mastercard to offer a tracking system built with the payment giant's blockchain-based source solution.

Called Wholechain, the system has already conquered a first major client for a pilot project in the form of Topco Associates – the largest grouping organization in the United States. In order to make its products more transparent, Topco will integrate Wholechain into its member store chains, starting with Food. City, to track and provide data on salmon, cod and shrimp products.

The technology will give members and customers an overview of the ethical sourcing and environmental compliance of proposed seafood products in stores, said Envisible. This will also allow grocers to become familiar with food chain issues during "unfortunate events" such as recalls, said Dan Glei, executive vice president of merchandising and marketing at Food City.

Topco has nearly 50 owner members – including supermarkets, wholesalers and pharmacy companies – who together make a turnover of nearly $ 170 billion, according to its website.

Deborah Barta, Senior Vice President of Innovation and Start-up at Mastercard, said:

"The identity of things becomes even more important as consumers demand more and more transparency. Our provenance solution leverages Mastercard's established network capabilities, a global technology and services such as counterfeit payments and programs. This allows us to bring trust, financial inclusion and ultimately efficiency to the marketplace. "

The Mastercard Provenance blockchain is not only for the food industry. In August, the company announced that it would present the follow-up solution at a showcase of women's fashion designers. In addition to offering customers a glimpse of the route taken by the products to go to the department store, Mastercard has introduced the technology as a weapon in the fight against the rampant trade of counterfeit products in the fashion industry .

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