The activist Larken Rose is interested in bitcoin, anarchy and the importance of money without permission

Candles in the Dark, her latest project with partner and colleague Amanda Rose, is a program that helps people escape authoritarian programming through non-confrontational dialogue. Larken Rose's position on the government. recently contacted the French anarchist via Skype to talk about Bitcoin, the IRS and the importance of money without permission.

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Jump into crypto (BC): How did you enter the crypto space?

Larken Rose (LR): I crashed accidentally on the cryptography side just because so many people who are in freedom and self-ownership have joined, realizing that this could be a really useful tool for resisting centralized control. I am by no means an expert on the subject. I was a little dragged, because at this point, it's hard not to hear about it and get involved if you're in liberty because it's a very useful tool for that.

BC: Do you remember when that was?

G / D: It was several years ago, and I remember hearing the term many times before having any idea what it meant and what it was referring to. It might have been in Porcfest, New Hampshire, where some of the promoters who promoted me at the beginning gave me physical Bitcoins, while they were worth a dollar each, and I think they were gave 20.

And, I sold them at a sadly low rate, long before the price went up. I accidentally hooked on one of them, not knowing that I still had it, but I finally gave this one to my daughter and she ended up getting a car, so I'm happy about that. But a few years later, I really understood the beauty and power of the concept of blockchain and decentralized and uncontrollable exchange media.

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Bitcoin and Volunteering

BC: You are a volunteer More and more people are learning what this word means recently, but most people still do not know. What is it?

G / D: In short, being voluntary means that you advocate that all human interaction be voluntary, rather than violence and coercion. And when you describe it that way, almost everyone reacts at the beginning by saying: I totally agree; that's what I want too.

But they do not recognize that even though they live like this in their daily lives – in politics, almost everyone has learned that there is an exception for people who call themselves "government" and that this is n & rsquo; It does not matter if they threaten violence and rob you with threats of force and you control and control yourself. A volunteer is basically someone who realizes that "live and let live" and "do to others what you would have done", there is no exception for the government.

BC: You've already talked about it a bit, but where do crypto and volunteering intersect?

G / D: For me, there are two very important elements that need to be combined so that a lot of people can be free and possibly for society. One is the mentality and that is the main purpose of my work: to make sure that people no longer believe that they are forced to obey a ruling class. But after that, you need the tools to be ungovernable. And some of these tools are, for example, firearms. If you want to resist oppression, if they have guns, it's handy if you have them too.

But with respect to the currency and all the fraud and tricks that governments have committed in terms of currency, central banks and all this bazaar, crypto is a very powerful tool for those who are mentally willing to escape checks of a decision. class, to be able to trade and to have fundamentally a complex international economy that has nowhere the tentacles of the ruling class. And it's huge.

BC: What would be your response to those who would say, "Yes, these rules are nil, the government is terrible, but without them, it would be chaos"?

G / D: People have been trained by the ruling class to imagine that without the ruling class we would be such stupid and violent animals. And it is already true that the average person, all things that work in his life, are not because he has personally discovered them. The average person who buys a car does not know how to build a car. The average person who does their shopping does not know how to grow all that food and she does not need it.

The order, complexity, cooperation and productivity already come from a voluntary interaction. But it's easy for politicians to scare most people and make them believe: "Well, if no one is in charge, there's no government that lead everyone, then it will be this free chaos for all. " There is no reason to really believe that.

If you go to a supermarket – that's one of my favorite examples of anarchy in action – yes, there are government tentacles that hinder and steal people, but no one is forced to participate, and you get a level of complexity and organization and cooperation, and no one is forced to do anything – not the people who work there and not the customers who will buy things out there.

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IRS, Anarchy and Activism

BC: Speaking of government and money, you had a hang-up – well, that's a moderate way to say it – but you had some problems with the IRS. Could you tell us a bit more about what happened there?

G / D: My adventures with the extortion racket do not usually speak to me much these days, because it takes a lot of time and effort for people to dive in and learn it. If anyone wants the full story for free, I now give my book, Kicking the Dragon, for free in the form of an e-book.

BC: Can you tell us about your activism? I know that Candles in the Dark will be online on Thanksgiving, and you talk to Anarchapulco again this year.

G / D: Yes. Well, I have several books, The most dangerous of which is the main one, and I gave several lectures and I still do it here and there. I do not like preaching at the choir, so when I give lectures, it's with the intention of recording them and putting them on YouTube or something like that, talking to the rest of the world. I have also just started doing my daily podcast. But the two main topics I am currently working on are the Candles in the Dark seminar, and the full online version will be operational by Thanksgiving and we are already taking pre – orders.

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For people who are already volunteers, it teaches them a much more effective way of communicating with the rest of the world, not just the usual stress, emotions, arguments, and frustration that normal debates almost always end in. This is not at all what I do in public. When I have a public debate, I am frank and totally in the face of people, and it is for a totally different purpose.

And then the other big project, the biggest project I'm working on; The biggest project I will ever do is probably The Mirror, an interactive program that does the whole thing for us. Volunteers do not even need to know how to do it. The mirror will do it for them, all alone.

BC: So just attach the VR glasses and free them from droop.

G / D: Quite a lot, because he's doing the talking on his own. He asks them what they think of things and their answers determine what happens next. And it is a monstrous project which must still last several months. But in the end, it will even save us from being good at communicating, because that will do it for us. I therefore hope that I will not let myself be killed before that is done.

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The future of crypto freedom

BC: It seems that there is a split in the cryptocurrency community in general, where you have a more libertarian crowd that says, "We have to use that privately, between us, as money without inter-peer authorization ", and you have another group that says," Well, it needs to be regulated, and the government needs to step in on this. "

G / D: I want the government to be involved in absolutely nothing. This should not exist. I am a little on this side of the spectrum.

BC: Yes, I have a little understood.

G / D: But what I like in the concept of blockchain and crypto-currencies is that the ruling class can try with more or less success to try to meddle with different types of exchanges and cryptos, and try to regulate this and that. and the other thing, but what can never be eliminated, that 's the idea.

Now that blockchain and cryptocurrency ideas are widespread, nothing will stop them. It's not like there's a centralized place where, if they close this case, it will disappear forever. Even if there was a magic button that would make Bitcoin disappear – and it would not work that way – another would appear. And then a hundred others will appear. Ideas are, for me, what is most powerful. It is the evolution of ideas, technology and understanding that can not be undone and can not be regularized. This does not mean that they will not try, but that they are condemned in the long run; they have no chance of reducing it permanently.

What do you think of Rose's ideas about crypto-freedom? Let us know in the comments section below.

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