Satoshi & # 39; Nakamolto & # 39; emerges with beautiful hair and questionable claims

A viral video taken at an event in Las Vegas has put the spotlight on "Bitcoin co-founder" Jörg Molt in the spotlight this week. A Twitter user in space known for his accusations Molt calls a crook in the video, and Molt decides to take off the guy's cap. As amusing as the fire of the crypto-Twitter sophomoric trash can be, Molt's story is a good example of a common crypto behavior worthy of caution. Before you pay a fee for Molt's Satoshi School or Bitcoin Champagne, make sure you know the true story behind the beautiful hair.

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The "co-founder" of Bitcoin

While Molt tells sordid scams, many pseudonyms and his DJ life in Germany is causing all kinds of speculation and abusive searches on the Internet, one thing that is immediately verifiable is that he continues to make statements larger than life. Molt sells himself (and by extension his Bubble and BTC brand courses) as a "co-founder of BitCoin" and "one of the few experts in blockchain and cryptocurrency technology". He also created what is called Satoshi School, with a website states:

The Satoshi School is the only school in the world to exclusively teach BitCoin and BitCoin blockchain technology in a place that suits you. It was founded in 2016 by Jörg Molt, co-founder of BitCoin, which has been working on global cash payment projects since 1995.

To see what Molt really means when he says "co-founder," an interview with Steven Melnik on Youtube sheds light on slippery language. "It's the magic that people around the world had the same idea at the time," says Molt from the pre-bitcoin era, claiming in the video that even people who were simply working to create digital currency in general, are all "co-founders". The interviewer rightly notes that just because some people have thought about carpooling before Uber, they are not, by magic, co-founders of the company.

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"Nakamolto" and his Disney prince hair were a source of entertainment for Twitter users.

Discredited by the boy who cried wolf

Of course, many people in space do not have the vague and practical language of Molt, which claims to have 250,000 bitcoins. At the recent edition of the WCC Vegas Blockchain Week, the Twitter user @KennethBosak, known in part for his work in 2018 video where he approaches two unsuspecting employees of the stand with all the charm of a sloppy root canal, pointing to Molt, shooting and saying,

This guy here is not Satoshi. He tells people that he is Satoshi (insulting) … You do not belong to space. Come out.

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Bosak said that "Nakamolto" had never claimed to be Satoshi, but Molt's reaction is to fire back verbally and then sneak Bosak's hat. The exchange is childish and of the caliber that one could expect from a search for sensations on the internet. The incident and the ensuing attention were apparently sufficient to send Molt to flight on Twitter, although his account has since been disabled.

The Satoshi LARP show continues

The last "Satoshi" revealed its big revelation in August and quickly attracted attention. Like Molt, Craig Wright, and many other attention seekers in space, claims were made that Bitcoin had gone astray and had been corrupted by greed and lack of leadership. And of course, only the newly revealed Satoshi could solve this problem. The evidence is not provided, however, and critics of this lack of evidence often meet with shouts and scandal. After all, what is the fun of live role-playing if no one believes you?

It is difficult to navigate the crypto space for dazzled beginners. Thanks to long chains of buzzwords such as "blockchain" and a deliberately vague language, understanding the fundamentals becomes a challenge. Just as the televangelist's insatiable need to talk about his private jet and his gold-threaded suit, while making the congregation aware of forgetting it, it was likely to miss out on his own. After all, no one wants to miss the bitcoin paradise and a messiah complex contributes greatly to the sale of the story. As for Molt, the truth of his claim to co-founder status and the number of those who will eventually become disciples remains to be demonstrated.

What do you think of Molt's claims? Let us know in the comments section below.

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