North American bitcoin conference is back

TNABC and Miami Blockchain Week will begin in 2020.

On January 16 and 17, 2020, the pioneers of the global bitcoin and blockchain community will gather in Miami for a historic conference, continuing to propel cryptocurrency from a niche to a mainstream audience. The North American Bitcoin Conference, now in its seventh year, is the oldest and busiest funding conference for the bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency industries with more than 20,000 participants since 2013. In addition , the 2020 conference will be business-driven, unveiling the exciting new world of business adoption and the blockchain's commercial potential

(The 7th Annual North American Bitcoin Conference), as part of the World Blockchain Forum, will return to Miami with programming from more than 60 world-class presenters, including technology veterans and founders of transforming companies. finance and innovation around the world. . Past events have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Forbes,, Bloomberg and other mainstream media.

The two-day conference announced the first partnerships for 2020 with the Bitcoin Center, Tradestation and In addition to networking, question-and-answer sessions with speakers and the focus on Miami as a historical hub of LATAM-US cryptography, TNABC will retain the themes of investment, the block chains, legal implications and regulation; and how decentralization disrupts international supply chains.

In addition to the two-day conference, the North American Bitcoin Conference celebrates the return of the Miami Blockchain Week with numerous pre-conference and post-conference satellite events, including hackathons, additional networking events training and after-parties.

The first 2020 speakers have been announced and include:
Nick Spanos, pioneer of crypto
Veronica McGregor, Legal Manager
Matthew Roszak, co-founder of Bloq
Charlie Shrem, pioneer of Bitcoins
Maja Vujinovic, CEO of OGroup
Marco Santori, President of
Alexia Hefti, Deloitte Blockchain Tax Manager

Keynote founder Moe Levin said, "This conference comes at a crucial time because innovation forces us all to make informed investment decisions. With an influx of new blockchain opportunities and applications, Keynote wants to give its attendees the opportunity to meet people and the product they will invest in and better understand the blockchain's growing ecosystem. We are also delighted that our participants meet and interact with our sponsors and exhibitors, who are the largest blockchain companies active to date. "

Tickets are available now at (
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