Malaysian authorities arrested five men accused of stealing 85 Bitcoin machines. Police captured the men during a police raid on November 2nd.

The Sun Daily reports that four men and a woman rented a building in Seremban, Malaysia, adjacent to a warehouse where bitcoin machines are stored. The five drilled through the concrete wall connecting the two buildings. All the suspects were friends with no criminal record, writes The Sun.

These machines, valued at $ 10,300 each, were most likely Bitcoin mining platforms, although the local police did not specify.

"On October 29, a merchant filed a police report after the disappearance of 85 bitcoin machines," said Superintendent of Seremban Police, Superintendent Mohd Said Ibrahim, during a press conference. "Later, the police raided and arrested suspects aged 25 to 46."

The raids took place Saturday night between midnight and 5:00 am local time. The authorities confiscated a car, a four-wheeled vehicle and heavy equipment that would have been used to pierce the concrete, the Sun added.

The suspects still have to be convicted.

Pierce the image via Shutterstock

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