"The Pirate Bay has again added mining scripts to its website, forcing unintentional users to donate their CPU power to generate revenue for the site. "

These facts are common in newspapers. Indeed, more and more sites incorporate mining scripts without warning their visitors, which poses a real problem of ethics and reputation for cryptocurrencies. These sites mainly use Coinhive, which is a JavaScript application that easily and sneaks into the code of a web page. Once in place, each visitor to the page will be discreetly punctured with its CPU power that will undermine the beautiful eyes of the site and the happiness of its owners.

Remove Coinhive from your computer

In order to be sure that your computer does not mine in your back on behalf of someone else, I advise you to do a scan with AdwCleaner which is an application that removes parasitic programs and Adware effective and fast. Here's how to use it:

  • Download AdwCleaner
  • Once AdwCleaner is launched, click on the button To scan to start an analysis.
  • When the scan is complete, do not clear anything, click Clean to remove adware and parasitic programs.

As you can see, the scan allowed me to detect a mining malware installed on my PC. After restarting, everything is back in order and I no longer mine for strangers.

How to guard against infections?

Although Coinvhive is frequently used for legitimate purposes – by a website owner instead of delivering intrusive ads – it is also one of the favorite tools of cyber-hackers, which often incorporate it into malicious products such as browser extensions. . The consequence is that your computer is undermining all the time the browser is running.

There is a very useful extension that is available for Chrome, Firefox and Opera. It's called MinerBlock. It automatically detects and blocks programs of this type on the web pages you visit and warns you.

You can add sites in the Whitelist or disable the blocker if you like. Since I installed it, I have had several alerts. It is a very simple application, but very effective. I have tried several of this type, but it seems to me the simplest and most effective. The extension uses two different approaches to block minors. The first is based on the blocking of queries / scripts loaded from a black list, this is the traditional approach adopted by most ads blockers and other blockers mining. The other approach that makes MinerBlock more efficient against cryptojacking is detecting potential mining behavior in the loaded scripts and killing them immediately. This makes the extension capable of blocking online scripts as well as miners running via proxies.

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