Security Tokens Launch Harbor has been licensed as a transfer agent by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

A month after receiving a broker license from the same agency, Harbor was granted this license Thursday to better guarantee the payment of interest and dividends paid to investors. The company is the first blockchain company to be awarded both licenses.

Transfer agents act as liaisons between companies, investors and regulators by tracking investment certificates. If a wallet containing security tokens is lost, for example, the transfer agent can help new tokens to replace the lost titles. By acquiring this license, Harbor has the green light to serve businesses, investors and higher class offers.

Seeking to become a "one-stop shop" for issuing digital assets, Harbor has done its utmost to obtain the appropriate regulatory licenses. In fact, it took more than a year, according to CEO Josh Stein.

"Regulators took a lot of time to master the space and understand it and understand its implications. It was very new for the SEC and FINRA, and they wanted to do it well, "Stein said when awarding the broker's license.

Harbor recently committed a $ 100 million real estate effort on the Ethereum chain on behalf of four companies. By consolidating investor stocks, Harbor and the more than 1,000 participating investors and investors and more were hoping to reduce the friction associated with managing digital assets.

Image of Josh Stein via CoinDesk Archive

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