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After the devastating announcement of the removal of offline cash transactions and KYC's vigorous and intrusive new policy of popular P2P trading platform (Localbitcoins), the community needed an alternative . We are pleased to announce the arrival of, which was created to revive the community.

Created by a group of over-the-counter traders from Localbitcoins trading and seeing a decline in the community they were used to, they simply "Wanted to bring back the days of glory". is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading platform (p2p). This is the newest and most reliable platform for users to securely conduct online and offline transactions. Their main attraction is the familiar, popular and easy-to-use interface that many traders already know how to use, which facilitates the creation of an account and the creation of advertisements and transactions. They have also added exciting new features that serve two communities by offering the choice of trading between BTC (Bitcoin Core) and BCH (Bitcoin Cash). One of their main goals is to facilitate the efficient trading of crypto-currencies on a global scale, which will result in the creation of a digital community. has a very convenient and easy to use feature making the use of this platform smooth and hassle free. This platform is available worldwide with active users in several countries. They also cut their fees by half in a competitive manner by charging only half a percent, unlike the competition that imposes a 1% fee on all trades.

Bridging the gap in the p2p cryptocurrency trading platform market

After finding a gap in the market, market leaders decided to fill this gap by recreating a similar platform with additional features allowing users to re-trade cash. A popular 'LocalBitcoins' platform put an end to offline transactions in early June, resulting in numerous complaints and loyal users with no support. quickly answered this question and re-established offline transactions, allowing users to always have an option for offline and online transactions.

Enable better access to cryptographic currencies in developing countries where banks can not access has worked for the world of cryptographic currencies to be extended to all cities and their number continues to grow. This allows access to cryptographic currencies to extend globally to developing countries, which would be generally ignored by the traditional banking world. Clearly, it's not just a platform for trade, it's also about moving the community forward and introducing Crypto into the global economy.

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