Congress candidate Agatha Bacelar discusses the Silk Road on the podcast

"It is clear that the political establishment wants to stand in the way of a future where economic freedom is offered to all." This excerpt from the Congressional Campaign's Donations page, Agatha Bacelar, echoes what many people in the cryptosphere have said since Satoshi Nakamoto dropped the 2008 Bitcoin White Paper. – and what many libertarians have put forward for decades.

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Bacelar says the Smackdown

The fact that Bacelar, who has laid eyes on the seat of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at the California Congress, is seeking to raise a million dollars in crypto is significant. A 27-year-old Brazilian-born American Stanford graduate and training engineer, she understands blockchain technology like few politicians before her, having previously worked with the Democracy Earth digital governance platform. This non-profit organization seeks to change the political system by building open-source democracies and censorship. It stems from what Bacelar describes as a "Trojan horse" political party in Argentina. Uniquely, the party used blockchain technology to introduce candidates who were not really representatives of the people, but: the people themselves.

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Bacelar was recently invited to the podcast of and, needless to say, the topic of cryptocurrency has been discussed more than once. "I understand why it is very scary to introduce cryptocurrency into central banks because it kicks them into the knee," she said. "But I think for a healthier world, we need more public banking and public funding of things rather than consolidating power through central banks."

As for the daily benefits of using cryptocurrency, they go without saying: "Every time I want to pay my rent, it takes a week for my money to be transferred to my owner's bank account. We could have a faster world currency that does not take 10% for an intermediary. "

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Auditing the Fed

Many listeners would have liked to hear the candidate's opinion on how distributed general led technologies could be used to reorganize the entire system. Host Matt Aaron beat his guest thoroughly, suggesting that the Federal Reserve's public audit could be a good starting point. "Yeah, that would be," Bacelar agreed. "Make budgeting more participatory, allowing people to have more say in how we use our tax dollars.

"At the moment, we are losing information on every transaction. If you buy an iPhone, I hope that if you buy an iPhone, you will know if this phone was manufactured in a factory where three people committed suicide, or if the resources were extracted in a place that used human slavery or contributed to pollution in this region. bioregion.

"You know, these things are not reflected in the cost of things today, but I think that they could be in a world to come. And that could lead us to a more regenerative and sustainable economy. "

Not your average Congress candidate

The story of Agatha Bacelar is a little different from most potential politicians: only 3% of the House representatives are currently from STEM, to start with. In addition to her blockchain experience, she has worked for the social change organization Emerson Collective and Hope Credit Union, a banking institution that provides financial services to low-income claimants. Bacelar's father is Herb Stephens, a software entrepreneur who, after working in the nonprofit sector for many years, is now the CFO.

Trump went to the White House on an extravagant ticket, often boasting, unlike the other candidates, to "know the money." Perhaps Bacelar could also benefit from knowing the future of money – cryptocurrency – and the underlying technology's awareness could inform the body politic. "I would like to be a member of Congress and make decisions based on how people would vote on an open-source digital platform in real time," she said, "because at the moment , our politics is not accountable There is no transparency and people give up politics or feel so frustrated, but I think people can represent themselves or give their vote to people they trust and that 39 they know in their community. "

Injustice of the Silk Road Trial

At one point in the discussion, Bacelar decides not to talk about the absurdity of the criminalization of drugs like marijuana, but to discuss Silk Road. "Ross Ulbricht is currently incarcerated for two life sentences plus 30 years in prison for non-violent crime, where he has not even made any drug-related transactions."

As an enthusiastic pro-crypto voice, Agatha Bacelar is a breath of fresh air. It remains to be seen if she has a realistic chance of getting rid of Pelosi. Whatever the outcome, you have the feeling that Bacelar recognizes the ability of crypto-currencies – and blockchain technology more generally – to fundamentally reshape society. For leading public books to introduce greater accountability in businesses and government agencies To ensure that access to funding is valid for all. For for-profit offshoring, money laundering and tax evasion to be effectively taken into account.

The final word goes to Bacelar: "We need to decentralize power and get people to participate in our democracy. Democracy is the strongest when most people engage in it. "

What do you think about Agatha Bacelar's opinion on Silk Road and the benefits of bitcoin? Let us know in the comments section below.

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