The IT company behind the supply chain processes for Coca-Cola bottles is increasingly interested in blockchain technology.

A pilot project with SAP software provider Coke One North America (CONA) is now expected to expand to 70 manufacturers who deliver the 160,000 bottles of Coca-Cola stores daily after first use with two bottlers, as reported on Tuesday. insider.

The blockchain project promises to improve distribution for attendees, as all manufacturers can access an authorized blockchain containing the orders, capabilities and requirements of each. For example, if a bottle manufacturer runs out of stock for an imminent order, the network quickly offers options to fill the gap. CONA told BI that it hoped to reduce the number of order reconciliation days from a few weeks to just a few days.

"A number of business-to-business and multi-party transactions are inefficient, they go through intermediaries and are very slow," said Andrei Semenov, General Manager of Coke One North America at BI. "And we thought we could improve that and save money."

The first positive results of the pilot program involved not only more bottles shipped, but also more companies using the SAP platform, as noted in the report. Semenov said CONA wanted to work with the retail giants Walmart and Target, although it is difficult to work with the supply chains of these companies, he said.

"What we achieved with the blockchain is to create a flow of documents across the entire supply chain," said Torsten Zube, head of SAP's Innovation Center Network.

Coca-Cola's main competitor, PepsiCo, also ran a blockchain trial, which the company said had boosted efficiency by 28 percent in May. Nicknamed "Project Proton", the supply chain trial took place on the Zilliqa blockchain platform.

Image of Coca-Cola bottles via Shutterstock

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