China Now censors anti-blockchain sentiment and raises public awareness about Bitcoin

Officially optimistic about blockchain technology, China would now censor anti-blockchain sentiment. Meanwhile, a popular Chinese app with more than 100 million active users has recommended a course on bitcoin, blockchain and smart contracts. The application is designed to teach "Xi Jinping Thinking".

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Censored Anti-Chain Items

After President Xi Jinping's highly optimistic talk about blockchain technology, blockchain news was widely covered by national TV channels, newspapers and websites. "Articles saying that blockchain technology is a scam are now banned," said Cnledger, a popular Twitter user. reported, by displaying a screenshot of a message stating "This content can not be viewed due to a violation" and indicating that the platform is "suspected of violating laws, regulations and policies in force.

A screen capture indicating that the content can not be viewed due to a violation. Source: Cnledger

Blockchain and Bitcoin Course Recommended

Meanwhile, Xuexi Qiangguo, a Chinese application mainly designed to teach the thought Xi Jinping, political theory derived from the Chinese president and general secretary of the Communist Party Xi Jinping, recommended a course focused on blockchain and bitcoin. According to reports, Xuexi Qiangguo has more than 100 million active users from October. "The most popular application in China, Xuexi Qiangguo (study to become a powerful country) now has a recommended course focusing entirely on the blockchain, which contains lessons in Bitcoin and Ethereum," wrote Cnledger. "The application (is) published by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) to help people learn about its political doctrines like Xi's thoughts."

The recommended course, "Introduction to Blockchain Technology," is taught by Chen Kang, an associate researcher at the Blockchain Research Center at Tsinghua University. The course is also offered on Xuetangx, the first Chinese MOOC platform founded by the university. It offers courses in more than 500 universities and claims to have more than 16 million registered users. Chen's course covers blockchains, distributed consensus, Bitcoin, smart contracts, security and Big Data.

Chen Kang Teacher Introduction to Blockchain Technology. Source: Xuexi Qiangguo

Propaganda tool with a backdoor

Designed by the Alibaba Group and released by the CPC Advertising Department in January, Xuexi Qiangguo is also the most downloaded application from Apple's national app store. This application serves mainly as a news aggregation platform for articles, short video clips and documentaries on President Xi Jinping's political philosophy.

While the Chinese government claims that the application is purely a fun educational tool, security researchers have discovered a backdoor-like code. A report released in October by the US government-backed Open Technology Fund (OTF), in collaboration with the German cybersecurity firm Cure53, reveals that the Xuexi Qiangguo application contains a "backdoor-like" code that can execute arbitrary commands with superuser privileges ".

If it was deployed, the code would give a person full administrative access to the entire system, giving him "the power to do everything", including software downloads, file modification and modification. data or even the installation of a keylogger on the device. The application also analyzes other applications installed on the device, notes the report, adding that the information collected by the application, such as user information, location , the other applications of his phone and the activity log, are sent to various entities. Cure53 also conducted an audit of the application on Android operating systems, which account for more than 80% of operating systems for smartphones in China. The firm discovered that the application gives the government the opportunity to determine "the location of every citizen at any given time".

In response to the Washington Post, on behalf of the Chinese government, the China State Council Information Bureau denied the application having the functions suggested by the reports.

What do you think of China censoring anti-blockchain sentiment and the popular Chinese app recommending a course on bitcoin and blockchain? Let us know in the comments section below.

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The images are courtesy of Shutterstock, Cnledger and Xuexi Qiangguo.

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