The buyers finally managed to pass the resistance at 10,000 USD.

Highlight Keys

  • Support at 10000 USD
  • MA200 and MA100
  • Resistance to 13500 USD

Buyers have passed the resistance at 10,000 USD.

Buyers joined the resistance at $ 13500 but failed to keep up at this price level. A slight correction up to the 10,000USD resistance was initiated. Prices now seem to be picking up slightly. Buyers continue to struggle to stay above support and pass the resistance at $ 12,000. The next major resistance will be around 13500 USD. Buyers have to spend it to hope to join the $ 15,000 again.

Buyers must spend the 13,500 USD to join the next major pivot to 15000USD.

Essential Resistances: 12000 – 13500

Essential supports: 10000 – 11000

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