British electric bike company launches SLP reward token

On November 5,, the SLP-based trading platform, announced a commercial partnership with Toba Electric Bikes bicycle manufacturer using SLP technology. Toba sells electric bikes for cash, and the company's SLP token will be used to reward customers. In addition, Cryptophyl is considering placing the token called "toba" on the trading stock market on November 15th.

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Cryptophyl and Toba Electric Bikes Join to Strengthen SLP Technology

A collaboration between and Toba electric bikes invoked the first SLP token that can be exchanged for physical property. On Tuesday, the two companies announced a commercial partnership to strengthen the BCH and SLP technologies. Toba Electric Bikes is a company created two years ago that has helped strengthen the electric bike industry in Europe. It was known as 50 Cycles.

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The team has sold more than 30,000 electric bikes and Toba is currently designing its own bike, the BH TOBA-T, which is expected to be launched next year. the Token TOBA created on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network using SLP will be rewarded for customers who use bicycles sold by Toba. Toba exclusively accepts digital assets such as BCH, BTC and toba (TOBA). The company says that toba users will benefit from a 10% discount on Toba products and token-based bikes.

"Toba uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver long-term value to users," said Cryptophyl Semyon Germanovich founder and CEO. "We are delighted to be the exchange of choice for the registration of their chips and to work with another UK based company with an innovative business model, made possible by the Simple Ledger protocol. "

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Tokenization applied and accelerated adoption

Germanovich further clarified that toba would feature on the swap with other SLP tokens such as spice, honestcoin and drop. According to Toba Electric Bikes, the toba token can be spent with the company on December 16th. The reason for the expectation is that the token can earn a period of one month of market price discovery. In addition, Cryptophyl revealed that $ 35,000 of toba tokens would be dropped on

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"Cryptophyl is the most exciting exchange to launch this year as it is dedicated to trading in General Ledger Protocol (SLP) tokens," said Scott Snaith, founder and CEO of Toba Electric Bikes, during the announcement. Snaith added:

Cryptocurrency enters a new phase of adoption with SLP. Cryptophyl is becoming a real competitor in the world of applied tokenization, accelerating its adoption over the next few years.

In 2019, SLP chip infrastructure has matured and many chips now have utility and allowed the discovery of the price. Tokens such as USDH, Spice, Merits, Flex and ACD have now actual value. With new SLP tokens created every day and some breakthroughs, this shows that the nascent chip economy built on Bitcoin Cash is just beginning.

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