Bitcoin Cash House launches a crypto center in Venezuela

A new cryptographic resource has emerged in Barquisimeto, Venezuela, for Venezuelans wishing to learn more about Bitcoin Cash and cryptocurrencies. The project, called Bitcoin Cash House, is an original idea of ​​Roberto Garcia and is sponsored by and It is a physical venue and an online initiative, whose purpose is to educate newcomers to the space about the acquisition, storage and general use of cryptography, as well as on development and employment opportunities.

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Welcome to Cash House

Launched a few days ago, November 7, Bitcoin Cash House teaches the inhabitants of Venezuela the advantages of cryptography. As the nation is in a state of economic upheaval and political turmoil, many Venezuelans are naturally concerned about finding ways to process, send and earn money that does not depend on it. not hyper-inflated bolivar or whims of an unstable government.

Matt Aaron of, describing Bitcoin Cash House in a Reddit article describing Bitcoin Cash House as "a hub of crypto-education in the city of Barquisimeto, Venezuela. A commercial kiosk where local defenders of cryptocurrency teach Venezuelans the power of cryptocurrency. "

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Some of the topics covered by the Cash House educate People include: "How to send money instantly to friends and family all over the world", the advantages of cryptography over traditional currency, how to store and spend cryptography, "How to protect assets against volatility with SLP tokens, including the USD stablecoin, "and jobs in crypto as well as development opportunities.

Although the launch was a difficult process, the crypto defenders involved were successful. Aaron, host of the Humans of Bitcoin podcast, explains that "we, at and, have made the party easy by getting money from the sponsors. Roberto Garcia did all the hard things. This is his project. He traveled the city to find a place … 2 months later and it's living. Roberto went to almost every shopping center; mall. Discharges, delays, stipulations. The founder, Garcia, said in the comments:

In Venezuela, the fear is strong, but thanks to my experience and my knowledge, with the help of Matt, we managed to overcome the problems.

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Roberto Garcia addresses a visitor to the new Bitcoin Cash House.

Go ahead in Venezuela

Garcia, who also hosts a BCH meeting in Barquisimeto, understands the importance of a physical place and a human conversation to convey the power of crypto. Citing the center of the Los Angeles area for "education and the services needed to encourage the adoption of digital currencies," Cryptospace Matt Aaron writes in the Reddit article:

Having a physical location is POWERFUL. We, the encryptors, speak without trust. But the rest of the world must gain that trust. In-person conversations are powerful.

The Bitcoin Cash House project is currently an experiment, operating on a three month lease and aiming to determine the evolution of the situation. Aaron says surrounding businesses will also be encouraged to adopt BCH, saying: "At the same place are a pizzeria, a bank and an alcohol store. We will also teach them to accept Bitcoin Cash. »You can donate to Bitcoin Cash House via Here you will find a statement in Spanish indicating the launch.

What do you think of the Bitcoin Cash House project? Let us know in the comments section below.

Image credits: Bitcoin Cash House.

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